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As the title does suggest, I think there is something really wrong with either the hardware or the software...

So, what is the matter? I placed 20th march double size memory in this server, it went bad to I returned it a day later.

Just to tell you that 8GB *2 replaced by 16GB *2 is not always a good decision. It did not work. Even opening simple chrome and explore the internet was not done, i saw errors whom I never saw before, even with all my years as system administrator and worked with IT during the rise of the Internet. So weird, I had encountered in the past problems with memory in pc's, but now it was a server...

Long story short? I have still 8 GB in my server, MC runs within 2GB * 2 and a hub of 512 Mb, that does it for now.


Until I can afford a Xeon, with 16 or 32 GB, i'll let this rest for now.