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 -  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'ts here!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What a commotion, and it should, we finally saved enough money together to buy a (2nd hand) real HP ProLiant ML150 G6 with quadcore Xeon processor at 2.9 Ghz and 64 GB memory....


The time of having shut down minecraftservers (the software in this case) is very soon past tense.....

I managed to buy a great asset to our Minecraft worlds, and there is going to change a bit here and there in multi-worlds.

It has been since 1.13 that changes in the worlds were very big, namely the aquatic update for instance, and now the vil-pil- and ilagers... running around, I really had a hard time to keep the 2014 self build server up and running with only 8 gig ram.

In the new setting I think NewHolland eats 8 Gig only, Amigos 4 Gig and Midgard, if that is still the plan, also 4 Gig. Now we can slowly look at old worlds and decide what to keep and what to replace by new generated world.

Well, if noone is gonna say something, then i'm heading for a cup of coffee.....