What can I say, prices are going to the roof but not my bank account, and I am not asking you to help, this should be your acting and not me pleaing.

Prices, of electricity, dumb windows problems I can't solve, hardly any visitors, those has made me decide to turn down a few Minecraft servers from Druifjes.nl.


Asking me to restart them is possible, but the future needs a better place because I pay everything here out of my own pocket, and I gain nothing, no ads because Google does not think I am worthyyell seeing all those people use all kind of media to gain money, and the topics they represent makes me sick.


So, send an email if you want us to start NH or Amigo's, but until then, the strain on the bill is lowered and you have to put with only Fairall and Midgard.

It is what it is.

Now I have to start looking into remove this website and its content and start a fresh installation, and I hate this.


Staff, or what is left.....