Hi everyone who is interested in a small story....

You can still leave and go play crunchy candy or some overmatured version of pacman (although not every one knows what that is). 

I wanted only to tell you that Minecraft is actual more than breaking and building, there are worlds out there that have so much talent in house, that it would amaze you if you saw it. 
Well, we build slowly on some big maps, in the old style and in the 1.13 + versions, with all the nifty things it has and will be added in the future. Every server stands on its base of protection and playability, mine just as all the others, but sometimes things do not go as foreseen, plugins stop working, or half, or developers stop paying attention to it, start living their lives, or something took them away from access to the keyboard, that is the problem with plugins, they are made by mostly single persons and when they break all their fingers (could be worse), not a single word comes out of them, the plugin dies literally with them.....

Sad, but oh so true, they should all direct their sources through channels that can be lifted by others if needed, this way playability is guaranteed. Im talking about a part of the internet where those developers can store their creations and where only registered developers can enter or join, not a shady place, but registered.... Think of something....

One of those plugins is a credibility to a lot of people until the dev became sort of deaf.... PreciousStones. A shame that another person picked it up for his own gain and put some of it on the net for us to share, sadly he only updated the major stones, and not all of them, resulting in stones that will be recognized by the system and show what it is but functions not!

Another plugin I am very fond of, actually it is a premium one, shops, a chest with a glass box above it and in that glass box a floating item of the sale or purchase... Better get to it, he might want to hold the boat of until the official version is available... With the speed he is thinking, it is more likely that he is about to skip version 13 as we approach on October 17th 2018 version 1.13.2.

There are also a lot of other plugins that can keep up, luckily, one of them we started using a few months back and we had a lot of fun with it. EliteMobs. Oh, if you are a fighter, go fight some of those MF's (MobFriend's) lol



Go see for yourself, enjoy!