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2019 02 02 10.03.17   Minecraft servers on DRUIFJES.NL

T h e   c h o i c e   i s   s i m p l e;

New Holland = a small world with lots of places

Amigos = the old but kept alive 

MIDGARD = a maverik in the group, will be changed...later

Fairall's World = Fairall rules here with her scepter!

 2019 09 15 12.56.32

New Holland Dynmap  New Holland Player Analytics 
 Amigos Dynmap Amigos Player Analytics 
 Midgard Dynmap Midgard Player Analytics 




Calendar: 2018-08-05 12:47 Minecraft server

Hi everyone,

It was about time to get some things in order, so we actually made it all into a bungeecord server and the portal is the standard adress: DRUIFJES.NL

So now you don't have to remember where or when you were here (or there) but you can travel along servers (Pfffff, bragger, there's only two!) inside the druifjes domain....

(at this moment we are hard at work to get the portals working, have patience...)

Now, how we got this under control is one, finishing touch and actually make it ingame work is a whole other thing...

We agreed on using less instead of more plugins, so we want to make the portals, through which you must travel to the other worlds and server...

The hardware under this all is pushed to its max, and because it costs money to replace for far stronger, I, Mr_Killer01, am supervising the hardware, am paying for all this myself, every bit comes out of my pocket (not a big pocket) frown, otherwise I would have bought a Xenon for my server....


To end this you can donate to me, but I am not sure if I want this, exceptional guy hey? No, honesty is my thing, let those who want to donate send me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., only then i can send a link. I don't want to feel responsible for the fact you people pay and expect something in return, that is why I am not putting the link here....


Thanks for understanding and visit.

Vote for Druifjes MC server

These are the maps available for overseeing the complete active worlds. It is still in the build-up phase, but slowly we get there.....

Dynmap  New Holland

Dynmap TheAmigos

 Because on both servers the plugin DYNMAP did not end normal, I had to releave them of duty until periodic tests improve.