What can I say, prices are going to the roof but not my bank account, and I am not asking you to help, this should be your acting and not me pleaing.

Prices, of electricity, dumb windows problems I can't solve, hardly any visitors, those has made me decide to turn down a few Minecraft servers from Druifjes.nl.


Asking me to restart them is possible, but the future needs a better place because I pay everything here out of my own pocket, and I gain nothing, no ads because Google does not think I am worthyyell seeing all those people use all kind of media to gain money, and the topics they represent makes me sick.


So, send an email if you want us to start NH or Amigo's, but until then, the strain on the bill is lowered and you have to put with only Fairall and Midgard.

It is what it is.

Now I have to start looking into remove this website and its content and start a fresh installation, and I hate this.


Staff, or what is left.....

Calendar: 2021-10-24 19:26

IT IS SO HEARTWARMING, to see so much new players on our server Fairall....

Since Fairall did some background work there were suddenly a lot plyers who wanted to 'go!' there to play....

Now it might have just a start but maintaining on my side is imperative to the playability of the servers, all 5 of them!

So, not only do we have a totally vanilla snapshot pre-1.18 server running at DRUIFJES.NL:25515 but also three other worlds next to Fairall.

Remember that Fairall is only whitelisted, to keep those nasty bugs out, but don't worry, you can do enough damage on the other worlds.


We welcome all in our endevour to the next Minecraft version, where the height is higher, the lows are lower and the mobs are crazier then ever...

As last remark I would like to point out that New-Holland has a new plugin called Realistic Seasons, and in the HUB you can sweet taste it at a faster pace.



cool We have a new ISP as of september 30th 2020.... cool


Since 1996 I had this connection with this firm, but after 24 years, she could not satisfy me anymore, I had to get a fresh one.


It all started with the old telephone line, sticking it into a modem, let some program dail up, when the connection was made, startup a bulletinboard system software and started to wringle through information...


Thus came the time that the 'explorer' was not yet there, Netscape, IE, and a few more, battling for the best seat in the house, but we better not forget to disconnect...

The 'explorers' became more and more in the picture, and Internet was mostly text, pages of text, and a very few pictures... Of course pictures became more and more the base for internet, and after a few years, DSL came to our home. This was neat, not calling in but online 24/7. 

Where were those modem days...... long time ago....... 

So, from the first DSL to where we are now, close to Terabits speed, we all craved for more, much more.... and so the growth of the Internet became a fact.


You noticed I have no pictures from those days.... WHO HAS????? 


Oh, I got a bunch CD's with spicy pictures, but those are no HD quality.... today, even commercial 18+ shit that is trown in your face is far better quality than those days of 320*200*16 ...



At least I have my connection on, MC runs smooth, and I hope you like it there too......



To those who try to login without following registration......

It has come to my attention that several attempts to gain unlawful access to my server and surroundings are noted on several levels in the structure of my domain.

Please, stop doing this and go out and earn an honest living. If you need money, sell your computer.


I will take action to all who are willing to become a criminal and try to gain access to my domain; there is absolutely nothing there of value, you better send me money so that I have something of value....


I hope you understand.



This is the link to the World file LINK

This is the link to the plugins folder LINK


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