Hi all, and the few, it is time for an update, and let me tell you about that.

COVID-19 has yet not entered any of our worlds, so that is a good thing, but the villagers are still that stupid to roam around the area when they should be in bed at night. 

So sometimes I re-populate a town, fix some roads, plant a few fences to make things look good, but I can't tell the villagers to go to their homes and sleep....

Rather safer than run from and being overrun by zombies either killing them or turn them into zombies, villagers are out of control, YET...

When you look at it, zombies are dead, dead means, no bodily function, why do they have to kill? when a cow holds more meat than a single villager, they still try to get to a tiny villager. 

Why attack only villagers? are they dead-hungry? are they becoming carnivorous maneaters in the proces?


Well, enough to think about for the coming time, and if there is hope to tell Mojang that they have to make them either smarter or willing to listen to wise commands.

I still hope there will be sentries in the near future, when the arrowmaker and blacksmith are in a town, a sentry can be made... but now for something completely different!


We people of the planet Earth must survive this COVID-19 virus, and to those who work hard to take care of others in hospitals, ICU' s, mental homes and regular old-folks homes,

Thank you for all your input, hard and difficult work that you do for the community, all over the world.  ...ehm real-world that is guys....

 2020 04 17 09.28.58s

Keep social distancing of 1.5 meter, wash more often your hands, cough and sneeze in your elbow and respect each other, throw your garbage in a dumpster/trashbin etc. LIKE YOU LEARNED WHEN YOU WERE LITTLE!